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Title Erten, Nazli
Date 25/08/2009
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Interviewer details: Verusca Calabria

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Language English
Physical Description Format of original recording: wav 44.1 khz 16 bit ZOOM digital recorder.
Notes Nazli Erten is from Istanbul, but has lived in the UK for 9 years with the las year and half being in London. She came to study film and TV and now works in TV marketing. She learnt about the project from the website, and being an fan of art and Antony Gormley she was attracted to apply as it was in keeping with her personality. Whilst on the plinth she will be reading messages of hope that were written by her friends and family. These are short messages that have been written on a flip chart. She chose to do this as whilst the plinth is an individual process, she wanted to bring a shared and communal aspect which will reflect that way are all parts of communities. Her only fear about this project is a technical one; going up with a flip chart she is worried the wind may disrupt proceedings.
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