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Title Todd, Vienain
Date 26/08/2009
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Interviewer details: Verusca Calabria

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Language English
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Notes Vienain Todd is a Magistrate who grew up in London but has recently moved to Kent. She heard about this project on a the radio station LBC and decided to apply. On the plinth she is going to say hi to lots of people she knows and will then sing happy birthday to 95 year old lady in America, who she has known since she was a young girl. She will also use her time on the plinth to raise awareness of the government decision to axe all wardens in shelter housing. She has a family member living in sheltered accommodation and she is doing a lot to raise awareness of the problems this will cause from TV to radio interviews. She will have lots of supporters here and will read out statistics during her hour. She does not consider this political but sees it as a way to show her support.
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