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Previous Numbers TAJ/01
Level Collection
Extent 64 boxes
Title Tajfel, Henri (1919-1982) papers
Date 1959-1982
Box Number 1-64
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Description The varied papers of Professor Henri Tajfel, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Bristol. Series includes; correspondence; publishing; lectures; conferences and committees. File level descriptions are also available.

At series level Tajfel's original filing order has been kept. The material has been arranged into 8 series:

PSY/TAJ/1, Publishing

PSY/TAJ/2, Lectures & Postgraduate seminars

PSY/TAJ/3, Conferences & Symposia I

PSY/TAJ/4, Conferences & Symposia II

PSY/TAJ/5, Committees

PSY/TAJ/6, Associations, Organisations, Institutions and Societies

PSY/TAJ/7, Miscellaneous Correspondence

PSY/TAJ/8, Tapes/ Text, Cameron Interviews

Historical Background Henri Tajfel (1919-1982) was born in Poland of Jewish descent. He was educated in several European countries and spent the Second World War in the French army and as a prisoner of war. After the war, he worked with refugees and war victims, and then moved to Britain where he re-started his higher education at Birkbeck College, London. He taught social psychology at Durham and Oxford before moving to Bristol, in 1967, as its first Professor of Social Psychology. He held a variety of visiting appointments in Europe and elsewhere, and was a founder member and President of the European Association of Social Psychology. Tajfel was a prolific author of many books and articles. He edited the series European Monographs on Social Psychology for Academic Press. His major contibutions to the study of intergroup relations and social conflict are well captured by his book Human Groups and Social Categories.
Custodial History Held at Bristol University until Professor Tajfel's death in 1982. Deposit date at British Psychological Society Archive Liverpool c.1982. Transfer to BPS History of Psychology Centre Staffordshire University 1998. Transfer to BPS History of Psychology Centre John Street 2002. Deposited by the British Psychological Society at the Wellcome Library, 215 Euston Road, September 2008.
Accession Number 1611
Access Status Certain restrictions apply
Access Conditions The papers are available subject to the usual conditions of access to Archives and Manuscripts material, after the completion of the Reader's Undertaking with the exception of the following files which are closed; PSY/TAJ/5/40; PSY/TAJ/5/41; PSY/TAJ/5/42; PSY/TAJ/5/46; PSY/TAJ/5/48; PSY/TAJ/5/49; PSY/TAJ/6/68; PSY/TAJ/6/69; PSY/TAJ/7/3/37; PSY/TAJ/7/3/38; and PSY/TAJ/7/4/1.
Language English
Subject Social psychology
Subject Group behaviour
MaterialType Archives - Non-digital
System No. f2ea54bb-1fef-44f8-8bf1-993f3a0d82f5

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Tajfel; Henri (1919-1982); Professor