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Reference PP/HAR
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Previous Numbers GC/47
Level Collection
Extent 11 boxes
Title Hare, Ronald (1899-1986), bacteriologist
Date 1914-1984
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Name Hare, Ronald, 1899-1986.

Hare was a bacteriologist of repute working through an exciting period in the history of the discipline. Among other activities he reported on the scientific value of bacteriological experiments undertaken in German concentration camps during World War II (see PP/HAR/B.7).

He was also an historian of the subject and the collection reflects this, as well as his non-scientific interests.

The collection comprises: an unpublished autobiography and other autobiographical material; files on miscellaneous subjects connected with bacteriology; reprints; and material connected with his writings on the discovery of penicillin and other works.

The collection has been indexed at Section level.


The collection is divided into sections as follows:

A.1-27 Biographical [5 boxes]

B.1-8 Scientific [1 box]

C.1-42 Historical Writings [5 boxes]

Historical Background

A biographical outline follows:

30 Aug 1899 born at Esh Winning, County Durham

1910-1917 Royal Masonic School, Bushey, Herts

1918-1919 Birkbeck College

1919-1924 St Mary's Hospital: LMSSA, MBBS

1925 Research scholarship, Institute of Pathology and Research, St Mary's

1926-1930 Assistant, Inoculation dept, St Mary's

1931-1936 1st Assistant, Research Laboratories, Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London

1932 marries Barbara Thurgarland Wintle

1936-1946 Canada: Research Associate, Connaught Laboratories, University of Toronto, Lecturer in Department of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine; largely responsible for planning and building of Canadian Government penicillin plant at University of Toronto

1939 birth of son, Richard

1946-1964 Professor of Bacteriology, University of London

1951 Honorary Consulting Bacteriologist, St Thomas's Hospital

1952-1960 Member of Council of Wright-Fleming Institute

1954 Pomp and Pestilence published

1956 An Outline of Bacteriology and Immunology (3rd edition 1967)

1961 Bacteriology and Immunology for Nurses (subsequent editions with Prof E M Cooke, 1967, 1972, 1975)

1964 Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology, University of London

1970 The birth of penicillin and the disarming of microbes

1982-1983 Medical History articles on Fleming, penicillin

1986 dies

See PP/HAR/A.20 for a copy of Hare's c.v.

Obituaries of Hare can be found in The Times and The Lancet.

Acquisition Details A first accession (Acc. no 132) of Professor Hare's papers was received by the Wellcome Library in 1983 and was catalogued in early 1984, being assigned the reference GC/47. Additional papers previously in the possession of Hare's son Richard were collected in 1989 (Acc. no 314) from Professor E.M. Cooke of the Public Health Laboratory Service, a colleague of Hare and co-author with him of Bacteriology and Immunology for Nurses, who had been preparing a biographical memoir. At the time of this second addition it was decided to reclassify the collection as PP/HAR.
Accession Number 132
Accession Number 314

Much of the material in the second accession, especially relating to Hare's research into the history of bacteriology and the discovery of penicillin, was received in a rather disorganised state, the descriptions on the enclosing envelopes often relating only tenuously to the contents.

In some cases items seemed to belong with material already received in 1983; for example correspondence relating to the Medical History article of 1983.

As so much of this accession was not obviously distinct from the earlier accession, both accessions were integrated rather than listed separately, and new reference numbers assigned to the whole collection.

A concordance of old and new references is appended in the Notes field.

Access Status Open
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Finding Aids Original typescript catalogue can be consulted in the Wellcome Library; this includes a concordance of old and new references and an index to correspondents.

A concordance of old and new references, for the material previously catalogued as GC/47, follows:

GC/47/1 = PP/HAR/A.21

GC/47/2 = PP/HAR/A.22

GC/47/3 = PP/HAR/A.23

GC/47/4 = PP/HAR/A.24

GC/47/5 = PP/HAR/A.25

GC/47/6 = PP/HAR/B.5

GC/47/7 = PP/HAR/B.7

GC/47/8 = PP/HAR/A.26

GC/47/9 = PP/HAR/C.1

GC/47/10 = PP/HAR/B.1

GC/47/11 = PP/HAR/B.2

GC/47/12 = PP/HAR/B.3

GC/47/13 = PP/HAR/B.4

GC/47/14 = PP/HAR/C.2

GC/47/15 = PP/HAR/C.3

GC/47/16 = PP/HAR/C.4

GC/47/17 = PP/HAR/C.5

GC/47/18 = PP/HAR/C.6

GC/47/19 = PP/HAR/C.7

GC/47/20 = PP/HAR/C.8

GC/47/21 = PP/HAR/C.9

GC/47/22 = PP/HAR/C.10

GC/47/23 = PP/HAR/C.16

GC/47/24 = PP/HAR/C.17

GC/47/25 = PP/HAR/C.18

GC/47/26 = PP/HAR/C.19

GC/47/27 = PP/HAR/C.20

GC/47/28 = PP/HAR/C.21

GC/47/29 = PP/HAR/C.22

GC/47/30 = PP/HAR/C.23

GC/47/31 = PP/HAR/C.24

GC/47/32 = PP/HAR/C.25

GC/47/33 = PP/HAR/C.27

GC/47/34 = PP/HAR/C.31

GC/47/35 = PP/HAR/C.39-41

Subject Anti-Bacterial Agents




Subject Memoirs
Subject Bacteriology
Subject World War I
Subject World War II
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