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Title Roger Ernle Money-Kyrle (1898-1980), psychoanalyst
Date 1906-1980
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Name Money-Kyrle, Roger Ernle
Description Roger Money-Kyrle was an influential psychoanalyst particularly noted for his promotion and development of the ideas of Melanie Klein. He was analysed by Ernest Jones, by Freud and later by Klein.

Initially his interest in psychoanalysis was stimulated in connection with his work in philosophy, anthropology, and the social sciences generally, but following his analysis with Klein he became a practising analyst and subsequently a training analyst.

His papers therefore reflect both his interest in the contributions psychoanalytic thought could make to understanding social problems, in particular in matters of war and politics, and also his contributions to analytic theory and praxis.

The survival of these papers has been somewhat sporadic and haphazard and there are significant lacunae. However, there is a substantial amount of material relating to Money-Kyrle's writings and a significant number of case histories of his analytic patients. There is a little personalia, including some material of his wife's. There are a number of files relating to his work in the 1920s leading to his PhDs from Vienna and the University of London and the early development of many of his ideas. There is a small amount of material relating to his wartime activities and work in the aftermath of World War II in the German Personnel Research Branch. There is some correspondence with professional colleagues (though the survival of this appears to have been a little haphazard) and files relating to professional organisations and congresses. His work in preparing festschrift volumes with colleagues for Melanie Klein, and posthumous editing of her works, is also reflected in this collection.

These papers were in a considerably disorganised state when received and in many instances a somewhat artificial order has had to be imposed to create a degree of coherence.


A. Personalia
B. Early work
C. Colleagues
D. World War II
E. Organisations
E.1 British Psycho-Analytical Society/Institute of Psycho-Analysis
E.2 British Psychological Society
E.3 Imago Group
E.4 International Congress on Mental Health 1948
E.5 International Psycho-Analytical Association
E.6 Melanie Klein Trust
F. Case material
G. Writing
G.1 Unpublished material - notes, drafts, lectures, etc
G.2 Publications
G.2/1 Books
G/2/2 Reprints
G.3 Edited volumes
G.4 Reviews
G.5 Abstracts
G.6 Broadcasts
G.7 Correspondence relating to publications

Historical Background Biographical summary:
31 Jan 1898 born
Educated at Eton
1916 joins the Royal Flying Corps
1919 becomes an undergraduate at Trinity College Cambridge, leaves temporarily
Begins analysis with Ernest Jones
Starts working in a bank
1921 graduates with a 'Special in Economics' (actually a degree in philosophy)
1922 goes to Vienna to continue his analysis with Freud
marries Helen Juliet Rachel Fox ("Minora")
While in Vienna, works for a PhD in philosophy (Contribution to the Theory of Reality) with Prof Moritz Schlick
Returns to London and works for a PhD at University College London with Prof J C Flugel, completing a thesis on "The Meaning of Sacrifice"
1928 Elected an associate member of the British Psycho-Analytical Institute on condition he did not practice
Elected a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute
1930 The Meaning of Sacrifice
1932 The Development of the Sexual Impulse
1932 Aspasia
1936 John Rickman persuades him to undertake a training analysis with Melanie Klein
1939 Superstition and Society
1939-1945 Staff College followed by work at the Air Ministry
1945 Becomes a full member of the British Psycho-Analytic Association
1946 In Germany with the Control Commission
1949 Becomes a training analyst1951 Psychoanalyis and Politics
1955 Edited volume New Directions in Psychoanalysis
1961 Man's Picture of His World
1978 The Collected Papers of Roger Money-Kyrle
29 Jul 1980 dies
Acquisition Details These papers were collected from his daughter-in-law from the family house at Whetham, Wiltshire, in September 2004
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British Psychoanalytical Society: Letters from Roger Money-Kyrle to Henrietta (Dorothy) Fanshawe, 1934-1940

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