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Level Collection
Extent 11 boxes
Extent o/s 1 folder
Title Rogers, Sir Leonard
Date 1868-1961
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Name Rogers, Sir Leonard (1868-1962)

Sir Leonard Rogers made many significant contributions in the field of tropical medicine: among the diseases for which he made revolutionary advances in treatment were cholera, amoebic dysentery and abscess of the liver, and leprosy. He also did important work on Kala-azar, the differentiation of tropical fevers, snake-venoms, the treatment of tuberculosis, and the animal diseases of rinderpest and surra. He was instrumental in bringing about the foundation of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and was a founder member of the British Empire Leprosy Relief Association. He also played a significant part as a propagandist for the Research Defence Society. He made important studies in epidemiology, in particular the relationship between climate and disease, with specific reference to India. He received numerous honours and distinctions. His publications were very many and diverse (see E/1).

Considerable arrangement of the papers had already taken place and it was clear that after Rogers's retirement from service in India he had given much attention to the preservation of the record of his work, by the preparation of summary notes of the contents of his diaries and by the editing of his diaries to make them more legible and bring out the events of significance and by the arrangement of correspondence. Most of the correspondence and notes deposited by Rogers with the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine had been arranged into bundles by subject, with introductory notes and lists of contents (and in some cases attached indexes). Most letters also include a brief note added by Rogers giving the correspondent's name and the main subject. This arrangement has been retained but an index to correspondents has been prepared . Besides the subject groups of papers there is a small group of letters to and from individuals which seem to have been principally of personal interest to Rogers.

Although Rogers's own arrangement of the papers has been retained as far as possible, since they were deposited originally over a period of time it has not been possible to be completely consistent in the allocation of materials to particular sections of the list; for example some of the items in A.55 complement material to be found in Section C.

Arrangement A. Biographical, personal and miscellaneous material, 1886-1916

B. Clinical notebooks, 1895-1919

C. Notes and correspondence on various aspects of Rogers's career, 1896-1953

D. Correspondence with individuals or miscellaneous subjects, 1897-1937

E. Publications, lecture notes, etc., 1892-1953

Historical Background 1868 Jan 18 Born in Plymouth, son of Capt. Henry (RN) and Jane (née Enys) Rogers
1886 Jan Matriculated for London University at Plymouth College Began study at St. Mary's Hospital Paddington
1890 MRCS
1891 LRCP
1892 FRCS MB.BS (London)
1893 Joined the Indian Medical Service; appointed to the military branch and saw assorted regimental service. Began his observations in tropical fevers.
1896-97 Appointed to make an enquiry into the Kala-azar epidemic in Assam
1898 MRCP
1899 Acting appointment at the All-India Veterinary Bacteriological Laboratory at Mukhtesar; work on rinderpest and surra
1900 Transferred from Military branch to the Bengal Civil Medical Department; appointed Deputy Sanitary Commissioner Acted for several periods as Professor of Pathology, Calcutta Medical College, over the next few years.
1900 onwards Work on the differentiation of tropical fevers, based on his earlier observations
1900-12 Work on amoebic dysentery and liver abscess (discovery of specific curative effect of emetine)
1901-03 Work on snake venoms
1902 Appointed First Resident Surgeon, Presidency General Hospital for Europeans (Calcutta European Hospital)
1904 Acting as Professor of Pathology (appointment confirmed 1911) Lecturer in Hygiene at Calcutta Medical College
1906-17 Work on the treatment of cholera
1909 All-India Medical Congress, Bombay
1910 Inception of the idea of the foundation of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine
1911 Awarded CIE
1912 First conceived the possibility of treating leprosy by chaulmoogra administered by injection rather than orally. Attended HH the Maharaja of Nepal in Katmandu
1914 Married Miss Una Elsie North, a sister at Calcutta European Hospital. Knighted
1915 Began work on the treatment of leprosy. Attended HH the Maharaja of Nepal again
1916 FRS
1917 Extended his conclusions on the treatment of leprosy to tuberculosis
1919 President, Indian Science Congress
1920 Retired from IMS
1921-37 Lectureships in Tropical Medicine at the London School of Tropical Medicine and the London School of Medicine for Women, Appointment as Physician at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases
1922 Appointed to the Medical Board at the India Office
1923 Foundation of British Empire Leprosy Relief Association
1924 Croonian Lecturer, Royal College of Physicians
1923-32 President of the Medical Board of the India Office and Medical Adviser to the Secretary of State for India. Pursued researches into the relationship between climatic conditions and diseases
1932 Retired from India Office; awarded KCSI
1933 onwards Work for the Research Defence Society
1950 Publication of his autobiography Happy Toil
1952 Death of Lady Rogers. Rogers left London to live in Cornwall
1962 Sept 16 Died at Truro aged 94

For details of Rogers' career his own autobiography Happy Toil: Fifty-five years of Tropical Medicine (1950) should be consulted, and for an evaluation of his life and contributions to medical science, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, No. 9, 1963, pp 261-282

Custodial History

The majority of the Rogers papers (acc. 7) were originally deposited by Sir Leonard Rogers at the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene over the period 1949-1961 (the main bulk in 1949 and further items at intervals in following years).

Acquisition Details

The papers catalogued here were transferred to the recently formed Contemporary Medical Archives Centre at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine by the RSTMH, 1979. .

Accession Number 7
Accession Number 1896

The following is an interim description of material that has been acquired since this collection was catalogued. This description may change when cataloguing takes place in future:

1 box received in March 2012 (acc. 1896), consisting of material given by Claude Ambrose to Rogers' biographer, Helen Bynum in the early 1990s, including: the first draft of Rogers' memoirs published as "Happy Toil"; data, notes and drafts on the epidemiology of cholera, smallpox and plague, 1920s-1940s; letters of congratulation on various public honours; appointment diaries and correspondence of Claude Ambrose Rogers, relating to his career in mathematics, 1940s-1950s

Access Status Open
Access Conditions

The majority of these papers are available subject to the usual conditions of access to Archives and Manuscripts material.

This collection also contains uncatalogued material which is currently unavailable to researchers. We regret that we are unable to provide access to this material. For further information, please contact the Archives and Manuscripts department.

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Related Material There is a little correspondence in the papers of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (WTI/RST) relating to the deposit.

In other repositories:

Some additional papers are held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The manuscript of the continuation of Happy Toil is among the manuscript collections of the Library of the Royal College of Physicians.

Researchers may also be interested in other materials in the Sources Guides Malaria and Tropical Medicine.

Relevant Publications J Sheppard, "Sir Leonard Rogers and his papers", Medical History, 1983, 27: 214-215
Notes Correspondents
Where copies of Rogers's side of a correspondence exists, the letters are included under the name of the addressee along with letters to Rogers. Addressees of Rogers whose own correspondence is not represented have not been included. Institutions have been included as well as individuals, in some cases with cross references between the two.

Adami, John George, CBE,FRS,FRCP, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, C.1/56
Adams, Professor Roger, University of Illinois, C.13/611-614
Alcock, Lt. Col. Alfred William, IMS, C.5/36
American Climatological Association, A.54/11
American Society of Tropical Medicine, A.54/27
Archer, Dr George Barnes, Missionary, Ranaghat, Bengal, India, C.1/88
Asiatic Society of Bengal, A.54/18-19
Australia: Chief Medical Officer, Australia House, London, C.13/543
Federal Quarantine Office, Brisbane, Queensland, C.9/28-29
Bailey, Wellesley C, of Mission to Lepers, C.13/59
Bannerman, Lt. Col. William Burney, IMS, Director, Bombay Bacteriology Laboratory, C.5/46-49
Barnard, Cyril Cuthebert, Librarian, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, E.1/1
Bayliss, Sir William Maddock, Professor of Physiology, C.9/38
BELRA see British Empire Leprosy Relief Association
Bengal: Governor (Lord Ronaldshay). C.18/217
Private Secretary, C.18/196, 219
Director of Public Health see Bentley, Dr C.A.
Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals, A.1/481; C.18/25,31-32,51-59,63, 89-92,94
President of the Sanitary Board, C.18/216-217
Surgeon General (see also Edwards, Major W.R.), A.55/14-15,46,70; C.18/168-170;C.9/47
Bentley, Dr Charles Albert, CIE, Director of Public Health, Bengal, C.1/11-14,17; C.10/41-45
Bjarnhydinsson, Dr Sam, of Iceland, C.13/702-703
Bombay: Medical Storekeeper to Government, C.9/24-27
Branfoot, Surgeon-General Arthur Mudge, IMS, A.1/471,474-476; C.6/8-9;C.9/8-9; C.18/9
Bray, Dr George, Medical Officer, Nauru, Central Pacific, C.13/535,537-541
Brierley, Major Charles Isherwood, IMS, C.16/18-24
British Empire Leprosy Relief Association (BELRA), C.14/17-18,78-79,95
see also Cochrane, Dr R.G.; Galt, Sir Edward; Hoare, HSM; MacNalty, A;
Muir, Dr E.; Oldrieve, Rev. F.
British Medical Journal, C.1/33;C.2/3-7,12-13,24-26,31,37-41;C.6/14;C.16/5-6; C.18/105-107
Browne, Col. Samuel Hackett, CIE,IMS, Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals, Bengal, A.55/17-19

Bruce, Major-General Sir David, KCB,FRCP,FRS, pathologist, C.4/5-8;C.7/1
Brunton, Sir Thomas Lauder, FRCP,FRS, pharmacologist, C.5/14,18,22-30,31-35;C.9/6-7
Buchanan, Lt. Col. Walter James, IMS, Editor, Indian Medical Gazette, C.5/63-64
Bureau of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases, London, C.14/14,16
Burroughs Wellcome and Co , C.5/20-22;C.16/242,261-264,284-285
see also Wellcome Research Laboratories

Callum, F.W., Chief Medical Officer, Australia House, C.13/543
Calmette, Professor Albert Leon Charles, Director, Pasteur Institute, Lille, France, C.5/2-5
Calvert, Col. John Telfer, Principal, Medical College, Calcutta, A.1/482,484,497
Carter, Sir Frank, C.13/144
Charles, Major-General Sir Richard Havelock, KCVO,KCSI,IMS, A.1/489
Charles, Surgeon-Major Thomas Edmonston, IMS, C.1/29,36-37
Chatterji, Rai Bahadur Gopal Chandra, D.6/2-6
Chauffard, Professor Anatole Marie Emile, of Paris, C.6/15-16
Christophers, Lt. Col. Samuel Rickard, IMS, King Institute, Madras, C.1/40-44; D.3
Clayton, Rev. Philip Thomas Byard ('Tubby') CH,MC,DD, founder of Toc H,
Clayton-Jones, Dr Edward, Assistant Editor, The Lancet, C.17/15
Cochrane, Dr Robert G, Medical Secretary to BELRA and the Mission to Lepers, C.13/294-295,353-355;C.14/22-30,56-59,71-79,90-92
Colombia (South America): National Director of Hygiene (A. Robledo), C.13/748-751
Comassini, Father Romeo, of Palermo, Italy, C.9/15
Cook, Dr Albert Ruskin, OBE,CMS, Kampala, Uganda, C.4/10-11
Crawfurd, Sir Raymond Henry Payne, C.15/9
Cummins, Professor Stevenson Lyle,CB,CMG, Welsh Tuberculosis Association,C.16/148 -158,165-166,171-174,186-191,193,195-202,204-210,213-216,232,239-241,243-245,250-252,258;C.17/53-54
Cunningham, Lt. Col. David Douglas, IMS, C.1/6-7,34;C.5/38
Curwen, Maurice D, Ltd., of London, C.16/320-321,323

Daniels, Dr Charles Wilberforce, FRCP, of Seamens' Hospital Society, C.6/3
Davey, Dr Thomas Frank, CBE, Nigeria Leprosy Service, C.14/40-49
Davies, Dr Caleb, of Santal Mission Hospital, India, C.16/26-31
Day, Dr Harold Benjamin, MC,FRCP, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Royal School of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt, C.1/73-75

Deare, Lt. Col. Benjamin Hobbs, IMS, A.1/481,483;A.55/25
Deycke, Professor Dr G., of Hamburg, C.13/38-40
Dixon, Professor Walter Ernst, FRS, Secretary, Therapeutical Section, Royal Society of Medicine, C.13/45
Doland, Dr Judson, of Philadelphia, C.1/77-78
Donovan, Lt. Col. Charles, IMS, C.1/32
Douglas, Rev. R.B., Secretary, Mission to Lepers, C.13/60
Dutch East India Society, A.54/22

Edington, Alexander, Colonial Bacteriological Institute, South Africa,
C.13/12-13; D.7/1
Edwards, Major-General William Rice, CMG,KCB,KCIE,IMS, Surgeon-General, Bengal, A.1/485-488;A.55/69;C.18/42-47,52,109-113,141-143,150-151,184,191,193-194, 201,203-205
Egerton, Arthur, of Johannesburg, Transvaal, C.5/12
Ehrlich, Professor Dr Paul, of Frankfurt, bacteriologist, C.5/9-10
Elkington, F.S.C., Federal Quarantine Office, Brisbane, Australia, C.9/28-29
Emmerich, Dr Rudolf, Professor of Hygiene and Bacteriology, Munich, C.9/12-13
Eubanas, Dr Froilan C, of Cebu Leper Detention Camp and Bureau of Health, Manila, Philippines, C.13/621-623

Fairley, Sir Neil Hamilton, KBE,FRCP,FRS, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, A.1/1-2;B.1/1
Fayrer, Sir Joseph, IMS, C.5/6-15
Fletcher, Sir Walter Morley, KBE,CB,FRCP, of Medical Research Council, A.55/6; C.15/3; D.5/1-4,11
Foster, Sir Michael, KCB,FRS,MP, physiologist, C.1/35;C.4/9;D.7/2
France: Academie des Sciences Coloniales, Paris, A.54/33
see also Société de Pathologie Exotique; Pasteur Institute
Fremantle, Lt. Col. Sir Francis Edward, OBE,FRCP,MP, C.19/26-34

Galt, Sir Edward, ICS, of BELRA, C.13/311-312,339-341,359-360,364,520-522
Geikie, Sir Archibald, Secretary of the Royal Society, C.5/7
Gill, Lt. Col. Clifford Allchin, Public Health Commissioner, Punjab, India, C.10/53-66
Gordon, Dr William, FRCP, C.15/7-8
Goose, Dr Alfred Hope, FRCP, of Brompton Hospital, C.16/58-60
Gould, Lt. Col. Jay, CBE,IMS, Office of Director General IMS, C.6/10-11
Gourley, W.R. Private Secretary to Lord Ronaldshay, Governor of Bengal, C.18/196,219
Graham, Major-General James Drummond, CIE,IMS, Public Health Commissioner, Government of India, A.55/77-81;C.10/69-78,83-86;C.11/10-11
Grant, Dr Alan, Government Medical Officer, Nauru, Central Pacific, C.13/544-546
Greig, Lt Col Edward David Wilson, CIE,IMS, C.9/17-18,22
Griffith, Dr Arthur Stanley, CBE, pathologist, of Cambridge, C.15/4-6
Groissmayr, Dr F.B., meteorologist, of Passau, Germany, C.11/15-19

Hagiwara, M., of Japan, C.14/746-747
Haldane, John Scott, CH,FRS, physiologist, C.9/90
Hare, Dr Hobart Amory, of Philadelphia, C.12/4-7
Hartley, Sir Percival Horton-Smith, CVO,FRCP, C.13/51-52
Hawking, Dr Frank, FRCP, Medical Research Council, National Institute for Medical Research, C.17/29
Heiser, Dr Victor George, Chief Medical Officer, Philippines, Director for the East, International Health Board, Rockefeller Foundation, A.55/65-67,71-76;C.13/13-18
Henry, Dr Thomas Anderson, Wellcome Research chemist, C.16/175,274-283,286-291, 295-319,322,324-328
Hinsdale, Dr Guy, American Climatological Society, A.54/11,C.11/20-22
Hirtzel, Sir Arthur, Permanent Under Secretary of State for India, C.10/24,80
Hitchcock, Rev. Francis Ryan Montgomery, DD, C.13/54
Hoare, H.S.M., General Secretary of BELRA, C.14/31,50,54-55,87
Hoffmann, F.L., Prudential Insurance Co. of America, D.7/5
Holderness, Sir Thomas William, KCB,KCSI,ICS, Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Revenue and Agriculture, C.3/5
Hollmann, Dr Harry Triebner, of Hawaii, C.13/28-35,739-741
Hooton, Major-General Alfred, CIE,IMS, of Hove, Sussex, C.2/36
Horner, Norman Gerald, FRCP, Editor, British Medical Journal, C.2/31

Indian Research Fund Association: Special Tuberculosis Enquiry, C.15/1
India: Secretary of State, C.5/23
Permanent Under Secretary of State, C.10/24,80
Public Health Commissioner to the Government, A.55/77-81;C.10/69-78,83-86
India Office, A.54/38-40,43-44;C.5/16-17,23;C.6/8-9;C.10/5,24
Indian Medical Service:
Director General's Office, C.6/10-11
Secretary, C.18/200
Impey, Dr Samuel Patten, MC,JP, of Cape Town, South Africa, C.13/485-486
Iraq: Government Epidemiologist, C.10/25-27

James, Lt Col Sidney Price, IMS, Pasteur Institute, Kasauli, C.1/51-55
John O'Londons Weekly, C.13/392

Kelynack, Dr Theo N, Mount Vernon Hospital for Tuberculosis, Middlesex, C.16/76
Keogh, Sir Alfred, GCB,RAMC, A.1/472-473,477-479;A.55/26-31,45,47-50,59
Kilby, Reginald George, CIE,ICS, former District Magistrate, Purnea, C.10/48-52
Koch, Professor Robert, bacteriologist, of Berlin, at Dar-es-Salaam,
German East Africa, C.1/50
Kolle, Dr Wilhelm, of Berlin, C.3/8-10
The Lancet, C.5/45;C.6/12;C.13/705,708,335;C.17/15,25
Lambert, Will, Mahete Leper Colony, Tanganiyka, C.13/780
Lankester, Dr Arthur, Indian Research Fund, Special Tuberculosis Enquiry, C.15/1
Lara, Dr Casimiro B, Chief Physician, Philippine Health Service, C.13/589-590
League of Nations, C.11/8;C.13/463-470
Leipoldt, Christian Fred Louis, Editor, South African Medical Journal,
Leishman, Sir William Boog, KCB,KCMG,FRCP, Professor of Pathology,
Royal Army Medical College, C.1/38-39,72,82
Leslie, Lt Col John Tasman Waddell, CIE,IMS, Sanitary Commissioner, India, C.9/14
Lie, Dr H.P., of Bergen, Norway, Secretary General for the West, Societe Internationale de Leprologie, C.13/450-452,455-460,462,689-692
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, A.54/12
Lloyd, Dr David Charles, King Edward VII Welsh National Memorial Association, C.16/157-164,172,187,192,194,203,248,253-254
Logan, Dr O.T., American Presbyterian Hospital, China Medical Missionary Association, C.9/36
Low, Vincent Warren, CB, of the Royal Society of Medicine, A.54/15
Ludlow, Dr Alfred Irving, Severance Hospital, Seoul, Chosen, Korea, C.6/19-23
Lukis, Lt Gen Sir Charles Pardey, KCSI, Director-General, IMS, A.55/24,68; C.13/41;C.18/10-12,15,19,23,26-30,34,36,60-62,102-104,183,189-190,192,199,213

MacArthur, Sir William Pater, DSO,OBE,KCB,FRCP, of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, A.55/1,97-98;A.56/1-2;C.13/55-57;C.14/1;C.18/1
MacDonald, Dr Andrew Buchanan, CBE, of Nigeria, C.13/775-776
McKendrick, Lt. Col. Anderson Gray, IMS, Statistical Officer to the Government of India in the Sanitary and Medical Departments, C.9/16,19,23
McLeod, Col. Kenneth, IMS, C.3/11
MacNalty, Sir Arthur Salusbury, KCB,FRCP,FRS, of the Ministry of Health, Chairman of BELRA, C.14/19,83-84
MacNamara, Surgeon-Major Nottridge Charles, IMS, A.55/2-10
Manila Medical Society, A.54/9
Manson, Sir Patrick, GCMG,FRCP, C.1/46-47
Manson-Bahr, Sir Philip, CMG,DSO,FRCP, C.13/533
Marrack, Professor John Richardson, DSO,MC, Department of Chemical Pathology, London Hospital Medical College, C.17/51
Marriott, Dr Hugh Leslie, CBE,FRCP, Physician, Middlesex Hospital, C.12/61-62
Marris, Sir William Sinclair, KCSI,KCIE, Governor, United Provinces, India, C.10/67-68
Masters, David, of London, author of The Conquest of Disease, C.13/46
Matthews, Dr Reginald John, Tuberculosis Institute, Bridgend, Wales, C.16/211
Mawson, Dr Edna Evelyn, Assistant Medical Officer, Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton, Surrey, C.16/105-123
Medical Research Council, C.16/224,228-230
see also Fletcher, Sir W.M.; Hawking, Dr Frank; Mellanby, Sir E
Megaw, Major-Gen Sir John Wallace Dick, CIE, IMS, C.16/32,C.17/57-58;
Mellanby, Sir Edward, KCB,GBE,FRCP, Medical Research Council, C.16/227
Mesnil, Dr Felix, Institut Pasteur, Paris, C.1/30-31,71
Miller, A. Donald, of Mission to Lepers, C.13/61
Ministry of Health: Postgraduate Medical Committee, C.20/9
Mission to Lepers, C.13/59-61,294-295
Mitchell, Dr James Alexander, Department of Public Health, South Africa, C.13/473-484,487-499,501-519,521
Moiser, Dr B., Leprologist to the Government of Southern Rhodesia, C.13/784-787
Moir, Major David Macbeth, IMS, A.1/480
Morley, Rt. Hon. Viscount, Secretary of State for India, C.5/23
Morris, Sir Malcolm, KCVO, of Harley Street, dermatologist, C.13/42-44; E.2/4
Moynihan, George Berkeley Andrew, 1st Baron Moynihan of Leeds, KCMG,CB,FRCS, abdominal surgeon, C.6/18
Muir, Dr Ernest, CMG,CIE,FRCS, leprologist, Medical Secretary of BELRA and then Hon. Medical Adviser, C.1/76;C.13/62-125,356-35,361,542,701,717-722; C.14/6-8,10-13,15,32,69-70;C.16/7-8
Mukerji, Arun Kumar, of School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Calcutta, C.9/54-55
Murphy, James Keogh, of Oxford Medical Publications, C.12/24,28,33;E.2/2-3,5-13
Musgrave, Dr William Everett, Bureau of Science, Manila, Secretary Manila Medical Society, Philippines; pathologist, A.54/9;C.6/7

Napier, Lionel Everard, CIE,FRCP,RAMC, of Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, C.1/84-85
Nauru, Mandated Territory of, Central Pacific:
Administrator, C.13/536
Medical Officer (Bray), C.13/535,537-541
Medical Officer (Grant), C.13/544-546
Neff, Dr Erroll Aubrey, CMG, Fiji, C.13/736-738;C.16/247
Newman, William Augustus, Administrator of the Mandated Territory of Nauru, Central Pacific, C.13/536
Noguchi, Hideyo, Rockefeller Institute, New York, C.5/11; C.11/9
Nuttall, Professor George Henry Falkiner, editor Journal of Hygiene, A.55/23;C.7/2

Oldrieve, Rev. Frank, first secretary of BELRA and founder of the Indian Branch, C.13/87-88,183-201,257,575,756-758
Osler, Sir William, Bt., FRCP, C.1/45-70;C.6/5-6;C.8/1-4;C.15/2;D.7/4
Oxford Medical Publications, C.12/24,28.33;E.2/2-3,5-13

Pasteur Institute: Paris: Director, C.5/44
see also Mesnil
Lille: see Calmette
Paterson, Dr Marcus, Medical Superintendent, Colindale Hospital, C.16/79-84
Patton, Capt. Walter Scott, IMS, King Institute of Preventive Medicine, Madras, C.1/61-69
Perkins, G.A, Chief Chemist, Philippine Health Service, C.13/585
Plimmer, Henry George, FRS, of London, pathologist, C.4/2
Powell, Dr Dan A, North Wales Sanatorium, Denbigh, C.16/167-170
Prain, Lt. Col. Sir David, CIE,CMG,FRS,IMS, botanist at Kew, C.6/17
Price, Dr John Dodds, of Nowgong District, Assam, India, C.1/15-16,21-28,57-61
Pridie, Sir Eric Denholm, KCMG,DSO,OBE,FRCP, Sudan Medical Service, C.13/791-805
Pringle, Dr Archibald Douglas, Medical Superintendent, Transvaal Miners' Phthisis Sanatorium, C.16/101-102
Prudential Insurance Co of America, D.7/5
Pugh, Dr William Thomas Gordon, of Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton, Surrey. C.16/109,114,118
Pyman, Dr Frank Lee, of Wellcome Chemical Research Laboratories, C.16/265-273

Queripal, Hon. Col. Alfred Ernest, Inspector General, Veterinary Department, India, C.3/2-4

Rajchman, Ludeish, Medical Director, League of Nations, C.11/8;C.13/463-470
Reenstierna, Professor John, of Sweden, C.13/693-698
Riddell, Lord, of John O'London's Weekly, C.13/392
Robertson, Temp. Capt. Alexander White, RAMC, Special Adviser on cholera to the War Office, C.9/30-33,35
Robinson, General William Henry Bannerman, CB,IMS, Office of the Surgeon-General, Bengal, C.9/47; C.18/168-170
Robledo, Arturo, National Director of Hygiene, Colombia, South America,
Rockefeller Foundation: International Health Commission Board, A.55/65-67,71-76; C.13/13-18
Rolleston, Sir Humphry Davy, President, Royal College of Physicians, C.20/4-5, 7-8,12
Ronaldshay, Lord, H.E. Governor of Bengal, C.18/217
Rose, Dr Frederick Gardiner, OBE, of British Guiana, Medical Superintendent, Mahaica Leper Hospital, Government bacteriologist and pathologist, leprologist, C.13/645-687
Ross, Sir Ronald, KCB,KCMG,IMS, A.55/51-54,57-58,60-62;D.2/4-45
Ross Institute and Hospital for Tropical Diseases, D.2/34-36
Roux, Pierre Paul Emile, bacteriologist, Director, Pasteur Institute of Paris, C.5/44
Row, Dr Raghavendra, OBE, pathologist, of Bombay, India, C.1/79-81
Royal Army Medical Corps Journal, C.7/1
Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, A.54/20
Royal Society, C.5/7
Royal Society of Medicine: Therapeutic Section, A.54/34, C.13/45
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, A.54/30
See also Fairley, Sir N Hamilton; MacArthur, Sir W.P.
Ruffer, Sir Marc Armand, CMG, President, Sanitary Maritime and Quarantine Council of Egypt, C.11/1
Rundle, Dr Claude, OBE, Medical Superintendent, City Isolation Hospital, Fazackerley, Liverpool, C.16/124-141
Russell, Col. Sir Alexander James Hutchison, IMS, D.7/7-8
Rutherford, Major Thomas Corrie, IMS, C.6/13

Salman, Edward, editor, United Empire, C.13/405
Sandwith, Fleming Mant, CMG,FRCP, Cairo, Egypt, C.6/4
Scott, Sir Henry Harold, KCMG,FRCP,RAMC, C.20/10
Seabra, Alfonso do Prado (son of Professor P. Seabra), C.17/31-52
Seabra, Professor Paulo, pharmacologist, of Brazil, C.14/4;C.16/222;C.17/31-52
Semple, Lt. Col. Sir David, bacteriologist, Pasteur Institute of India, Kasauli, C.1/18;C.4/8
Shorten, Lt. Col. James Alfred, IMS, Professor of Physiology, Calcutta Medical College, C.9/37
Simmonds, V.D., of Mussoorie, India, A.55/40-41
Simpson, Sir William John Ritchie, CMG, Medical Officer of Health, Calcutta, later of the Ross Institute, C.10/22-23
Slocock, Francis Samuel Alfred, CIE,ICS, Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces, India, C.10/46-47
Société de Pathologie Exotique, Paris, A.54/16;D.7/3
Société Internationale de Leprologie, C.13/450-452,455-460,462
South African Medical Journal, C.13/530-531
Souza-Araujo, Professor Heraclides Cesar de, of Brazil, Istituto Oswald Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, International Association of Leprosy, C.13/442-449,453-454,461,593;C.14/5;C.17/50,55-56
Sprawson, Major Cuthbert Allan, FRCP,IMS, C.20/1-2
Stanton, Sir Ambrose Thomas, KCMG,FRCP, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, C.20/11
Steegman, Edward John, CBE,RNVR, A.55/20-22
Stephens, Professor John William Watson, FRS, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, A.55/55-56
Stewart, Lt. Col. Alexander Dron, IMS, Director of Institute of Hygiene, Calcutta, A.55/82
Stevenson-Moore, C.J., President of the Sanitary Board, Bengal, C.18/216-217
Strong, Dr Richard Pearson, Bureau of Government Laboratories Manila, Philippines, Professor of Tropical Medicine University of Harvard, USA, C.1/48-49;C.3/14;C.9/10
Sutherland, Lt. Col. Daniel Waters, CIE,FRCP,IMS, C.20/9

Tambe, Dr Gopal R., of Narsinghpur, India, C.16/34-39
Toc H., C.13/336-338,342-344
Tomb, Dr John Walker, OBE, bacteriologist and epidemiologist, Mines Board of Health, Asansol, India, C.9/56-57
Turner, Sir George, Medical Officer of Health, Cape Colony, C.3/6-7
Turok, Benjamin, arrested case of leprosy, South Africa, C.13/524-527

United Empire, C.13/405
United Provinces, India: Governor, C.10/67-68
Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals, C.5/39
University of St Andrews, A.54/31
Usher, Francis Laury, reader in colloidal chemistry at Leeds, C.1/83

Venezuela: Academia Nacional de Medicina, Caracas, A.54/25

Wade, Dr Hugh Wesley, pathologist, Cullan Leper Colony, Philippines, C.13/556-574,576-584,586-588,591-610,616-620,624-627,632-639
Wallace, John Edgar, Tuberculosis Dispensary, Wigan, Lancs, C.16/142-143
Waller, Professor Augustus Desire, FRS, Physiological Laboratory, University of London, C.5/8
Walpole, Horace, India Office, C.5/16-17
Walsh, Dr Vincent Gregory, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, C.16/238,246,249, 251,255-257,259
Wellcome Medical and Chemical Research Laboratories, C.16/265-283,286-291,295-319,322,324-328
Wells, A A, Chief Director of Organic Chemistry, Bureau of Science, Manila, Philippines, C.13/554-555
Wheelwright, W., resident of Ditchling, Sussex, C.13/47-49
White, Major Frederick Norman, CIE,IMS, Indian Research Fund Association, Secretary to Director General, IMS, C.18/200
Wilkinson, George, of Sheffield, aural surgeon, D.7/9
Williams, Dr Dawson see British Medical Journal
Wilson, Dr Robert Montou, Kwangju Leper Colony, Korea, C.13/742-744
Wingfield, Dr Rodolph Charles, FRCP, Brompton Hospital Sanatorium, Frimley, C.16/77-78
Woodman, Dr Hugh Mason, Sudan Medical Service, C.13/806-808
Wright, Sir Almroth Edward, Kt, CB,KBE,FRCP, C.1/8-9;D.1
Notes The catalogue is available on microfiche via the National Inventory of Documentary Sources (NIDS).
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