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Reference Level Title Date
1 EPH751:183 Item Gwen Prout stamp collection vol.182B Chemistry #2B 1935-2011
2 ES/AFA2015/AFF/2 Item Allergy & Free From Show 2015 - Allergy Food - Cr to K 2015
3 ES/AFA2016/AFF/2 Item Allergy & Free From Show 2016 - Allergy Food - Col to D 2016
4 MS.13 Item Saint Albertus Magnus (d. 1280) Mid 15th Century
5 MS.14 Item Saint Albertus Magnus (d. 1280) c.1475
6 MS.22 Item Alchemy: 15th cent. Late 15th century
7 MS.23 Item Alchemy: 16th cent. c. 1510
8 MS.24 Item Alchemy 16th cent. c. 1525
9 MS.25 Item Alchemy 16th cent. c. 1550
10 MS.26 Item Alchemy 16th cent. Middle 16th century
11 MS.27 Item Alchemy 16th cent. Late 16th century
12 MS.28 Item Alchemy: 17th cent. c. 1625
13 MS.29 Item Alchemy 17th cent. Middle 17th century
14 MS.30 Item Alchemy 17th cent. Middle 17th century
15 MS.33 Item Alemanus of Bohemia and others, alchemical and herbal miscellany c.1500
16 MS.36 Item Alchemical miscellany Mid 15th Century
17 MS.50 Item Arcana desumpta ex metallicis, ex mineralibus ex vegetabilibus, et ex animalibus Early 17th century
18 MS.52 Item Arcanum Early 17th century
19 MS.68 Item Pseuds-Aristoteles Mid 15th Century
20 MS.73 Item Arnauld, Pierre Middle 17th century
21 MS.88 Item Artzeney Puch 1903
22 MS.107 Item B., C. 1588
23 MS.109 Item Bacon, Roger (1214?-1294) Late 16th Century
24 MS.116 Item Bartholomaeus de Ripa Romea, De lapidibus, and other texts Mid 14th Century
25 MS.117 Item Alchemical and medical miscellany 1462
26 MS.121 Item Basilius Valentinus Early 17th century
27 MS.131 Item Bernhardus Trevisanus (1406-1490) Mid 16th Century
28 MS.140 Item

Bonaventura da Iseo, Liber Compostelle, with additional alchemical recipes in Italian and Latin

Early 15th century
29 MS.147 Item Brief, A Treatise or hipothesis of one Booke called Speculum Universi or Universall Mirror c. 1600
30 MS.149 Item Breve Sumario diviso Middle 17th century
31 MS.164 Item Buch, Das der heiligen Dreifaltigkeit 1416-1419
32 MS.168 Item Bulgarini, Francisco 1634
33 MS.184 Item Catalogus medicamentorum Chymice Preparatorum Middle 17th century
34 MS.185 Item Aureus libellus secreti secretorum 1648
35 MS.186 Item Liber hic plane Divinus est 1648
36 MS.190 Item Chimica figurata Middle 17th century
37 MS.192 Item Les oeuures de Christophle Parisien 1584
38 MS.193 Item Works, including diagrams and tables Early 17th century
39 MS.194 Item Chymica et spagyrica Middle 17th century
40 MS.210 Item Consultationes medicae c. 1640-1720
41 MS.233 Item De alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum: in Dutch. (Incomplete) Late 16th century
42 MS.239 Item Dee, John (1527-1608) Late 16th century
43 MS.249 Item Dorigny, Jacques (& others) 1640-1658
44 MS.250 Item Duport, James (1606-1679) 1631
45 MS.251 Item Durante, Castor ( -1590) Middle 17th century
46 MS.259 Item Encherchz, Petrus Almerigus 1649
47 MS.265 Item Fabre, Pierre Jean ( -1650) c. 1650
48 MS.267 Item Fahnrich, Anton Carl c. 1625
49 MS.301 Item Gandolfi, Innocenzo 1611
50 MS.302 Item Ganimede Ispano 1559